Meher Juneja An artist from India, New Delhi Inspired by life and its journey

The struggle is real but Passion and innovation comes together to transform and distribute the intricate expression of art. 

creations and artsy of others inspired and enlightened the talent inside her. Since childhood winning a lot of art competitions, taking part in various creative projects, block printing, cloth printing ,paper art, visual classes, glass paintings, sculpture making etc. enlightenined the talent inside her,  let the imagination inside her flow and be visible to others through her beautiful artworks . 

Keeping the passion alive and believing in her unfathomable art journey, it all started years back , realizing that being an artist, and with the form of art that has immense detailing ,brings out the best in her artistically. 

Meher’s work has tremendous detailing and depth , precisely minutely phenomenal , personal and unique which makes her work distinctive and exquisite. 

She expresses her paintings though prismatic colors,  black and white as various stages of life. 

The vibrancy of colors symbolizes the beauty of life while the detailing of her work showcases the depth of the art. 

According to her art is that emotion that is expressed visually, the only commodity that is primarily appreciated for it’s power and strength to connect to someone visually and in the most captivating way. 

The vibrant and suggestive artwork emphasizes to us how the arts in India make up an extraordinary , interconnected  cultural landscape. In her artworks she can unite the diverse techniques, view points , experiences and the dynamism of youth and the wisdom of senior generation, which has various meanings of positivity that is left to the admirers to discover. 

Art is an expression, a wellspring of emotions , a universal realm of human spirit. It is the melding of the individual and universal.  That’s why great art reaches national and ethinic boundaries to move people all over the world. 

To strive even higher to do even better , the creative process is all about persistent , consistent and constant innovation. 

Her artworks are inspired towards A land which is free from impurity. 

loaded with positivity and brimming of fire. 

A spiritual transformation which comes with high awareness. 

To flow life in a tranquil way. 

Life itself is a design of abstract , but still is a revelation of truly immense existence, morals,significance and experiences. My artworks are spiritually connected,  In true liberation of heritage and integrity which is found in the actual land in which one live for the better , to thoroughly encourage each individual , to inspire , learn and to stand for yourself and others. 

She says: Art isn’t that easy, it isn’t difficult too. One doesn’t need mediums or formal training or knowledge to be an artist. The real art comes from within. It comes from ones heart and mind.

Art isn’t that easy, it isn’t difficult too. One doesn’t need mediums or formal training or knowledge to be an artist. The real art comes from within. It comes from ones heart and mind. 

She say: initially when I started my art journey, and did my first solo show at Hungarian information and cultural center, a lot of people did not  understand what I create, but slowly and gradually when I started organizing exhibitions people started to realize, that yes this is the kind of art she does. And yes there is depth in it.

Key emotions such as love , appreciation, kindness, gratitude, compassion are sometimes Colored by self limiting beliefs like fear of rejection, insecurities,controlling, need to win the rat race etc. my artworks urge us to look beyond , and let go of these things. 

Recreation of creative expression of outlandish innovation and experiences. 

No limitations should stop one to achieve their goals, keep experimenting and discovering new form of artworks. 

To create a single art it takes months of hard work, vision, concept and research. 

Whenever I begin with My art layout i have no idea of what’s going to come out, but initially everything interconnect with each other and well dispose the Art with balance, color, contrast, composition, elements, form, design, rhythm, variation, movement, theme, tone, symmetry, visual metaphor etc. 

It is a fusion of mix medium art like poster colors, acrylic, blush pens, markers, fabrica, charcoal, pastels, ink, watercolor oil paints, sparkle sticks. Etc. 

This makes the artworks look more versatile vibrant and creative in its own diverse way….                                            

Her artworks are a blend of Pattern design, Geometrical abstraction, Lyrical abstraction and Abstract expressionism. 

Meher Juneja has taken part in several national and international exhibitions , contributed her artworks for noble causes , judged art competitions , collaborated with interior designers and have done four solo art shows. She has performed and achieved so much at such a young age. And in coming times , will achieve more and inspire people though her artworks.